holy week

Holy Week opens with Palm Sunday and leads us through our Lord’s Passion, from his entry into Jerusalem, through the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday, to his Crucifixion on Good Friday, and his lying in the grave on Holy Saturday. There are three colors for Holy Week. Palm Sunday can be purple or red, Maundy Thursday can be purple or white, and Good Friday is black. 

Easter is white/gold.

worship schedule

Holy Week Schedule

Palm Sunday - March 25

5:00pm - Liturgy of the Palms begins outside
                  Process into the Sanctuary

Maundy Thursday - March 29

6:30pm - Meal with Holy Communion

Good Friday - March 30

7:00pm - Sanctuary w/ Cornerstone Church

Easter - April 1

5:00pm - Holy Communion w/Incense - Sanctuary

We worship at Cornerstone Church: 5624 Yarrow St. Arvada, CO 80002