our values

Authenticity:  In a world obsessed with image management, we believe in the importance of choosing vulnerability and transparency. We know the best thing for us is to be known by others as Christ knows us.

Community:   In a world that worships autonomy and self-actualization, we believe that the truly human life is one of interdependence in community. We are committed to devoting ourselves to the apostles teachings, fellowship, breaking bread, and prayer--together, for the sake of the world.

Formation:  In a world that says be true to yourself, we believe that we become most truly ourselves when we are an apprentice in the Way of Jesus Christ. We know the eternal life and transformation he offers is experienced now through regular worship, scripture reading, prayer, and other spiritual disciplines.

Global:  In a world divided in a variety of ways into us and them, we realize that the body of Christ transcends the bounds of nation, ethnicity, culture, and language. We are committed to the Olde Town neighborhood in the City of Arvada, but we are also participating members of a global church, and we will pray and serve accordingly.

Justice:  In a world filled with injustice and suffering, we have confidence that Jesus Christ has ascended to the throne of the world. Because Christ is Lord over all, we believe we have the responsibility, by the power of the Spirit, to draw the world’s attention to where it’s getting justice wrong.

Mystery:  In a world divided into sacred and secular spaces, we are convinced that Christ is Lord of all and God reveals himself throughout his good world. We believe we encounter God in a special way through Scripture and the sacraments of the church. And even though God has spoken and continues to speak today, the fullness of God remains beyond our ability to comprehend. 

Peace:  In a world of conflict, discord, and violence, we believe that Jesus Christ is our peace. In his body, Christ has created a new humanity, making peace between warring parties and reconciling all people by putting their hostility to death. Therefore, we are committed to pursuing peace and reconciliation in all areas of life.

Roots:  In a world that glorifies the free individual and denigrates religion, we believe in being rooted in a tradition and committed to a community older and bigger than ourselves. Within our ancient faith we have a treasure of resources to help us determine what faithful Christian discipleship looks like in our contemporary world.