our roots

The word “Anglican” simply means “of or relating to England or the English.” So an Anglican church is either a church within the Church of England or a church whose roots are connected to the Church of England. 

The Anglican Communion is the worldwide fellowship of churches owing their origins to the Church of England; it is the third largest church in the world. It is a fellowship within the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church. 

Anglicans and Episcopalians the world over share aspects of their history, tradition and ways of worshipping, but no two churches are exactly alike. This unity in diversity is one of the things that make the Anglican Communion so special.

our expression

We believe the Anglican tradition uniquely equips us for ministry in a post-Christian context. The “river” of the Anglican tradition is fed by three "streams":

  • Sacred
  • Scripture
  • Spirit

The Sacred stream focuses on our tradition and provides us with a framework for worship that is steeped in prayer, keeps the Word and Table at the center, and connects us to millions of Christians all over the world. 

The Scripture stream keeps us focused on proclaiming the word of God, inviting all people to repent and believe in Christ, and serving the “others” of our community. 

The Spirit stream grounds us in the Holy Spirit, who empowers the church for service and demonstrates God's power to the world. 

The combination of these streams enables us to embody the historic Christian faith in a way that is winsome and challenging, intelligent and emotive, concrete and mysterious. From the homeless to the young professional, the young family to the shut-in, we believe the Anglican tradition offers a life-giving way to take up the easy yoke of Jesus and follow him into the world today.


Our church is connected to Churches for the Sake of Others within the the Anglican Church in North America which unites 112,000 Anglicans in nearly 1,000 congregations across the United States, Canada, and Mexico into a single Church.